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Our laser cutting machines can cut through steel up to 25 mm thick. The thicker the sheet the slower the cutting has to be to cut through the metal completely. The more slowly the laser beam cuts through the material, the more heat is transferred to the metal sheet.

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Metal sheet fiber laser cutting machine apply to cutting and drilling a variety of metal material, including carbon steel, silicon steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, titanium alloy, galvanized sheet, pickle plate, aluminum zinc plate, copper etc.Ceramic wafer scribing and dicing Precision micro processing

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Accubeam Laser offers contract Laser Cutting Metal Services to produce a wide array of parts and components from all types of metal types including; Stainless, Sheet, Titanium, Aluminum and more. Applications for the our contract Laser Cutting Metal services include panels and enclosures for aircraft and military vehicles, medical devices

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Expand your laser capacity with Alliance Steel Laser division: Laser cutting is a method of cutting a design from metal sheets and plates using a highly focused laser to melt material in a localized area. The process meets the tightest tolerances by using a precise cutting surface guided by computer-aided design.

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There are so many good reasons for laser cutting. Precision. Laser cut sheet metal parts are very accurate. Often within 0.005″, your parts are cut with minimal, or no apparent rake angle. This is especially helpful in applications where parts must nest together, or for a weldments that need to be held square.

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Laser engraving is similar, but instead of using the laser beam to cut through the sheet metal, it engraves the surface of the stainless steel, brass or copper. Following the engraving line or area in your digital design, the laser vaporizes a thin layer of the sheet metal surface, exposing what lies beneath.

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Industrial Metal Supply is one of the only metal suppliers to offer pre-cut pieces of steel, aluminum and stainless. From round and square bar to base plates and gussets, you'll find that we have not just a few pre-cuts in stock, but bins and bins of pre-cut metal products, all stored indoors and in prime condition.

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When determining which method of sheet metal cutting is right for you you should take into consideration the factors of flexibility, speed, accuracy, finish, cost and automation. There are certain considerations when it comes to the material you’re cutting so we’ve added a specific post on how to cut aluminum .

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Home > Metal & laser cutting tips > Laser cutting vs. water jet cutting. Standard metal cutting processes: laser cutting vs. water jet cutting. Laser manufacturing activities currently include cutting, welding, heat treating, cladding, vapor deposition, engraving, scribing, trimming, annealing, and shock hardening.

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Water Jet Cutting. Water-jet cutting produces metal parts of any shape or size by using a jet of pressurized water.

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Metal Remnants is a small quantity metal distributor for the machinist, maintenance shop worker, Hobbyist, or anyone that needs metal for their project or custom cut to size metal.

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Metal Supermarkets uses Laser Cutters to produce precise metal parts of any shape or size. Laser cutting gives a precise edge finish and can perform tasks such as cutting, shock hardening, welding, heat treating and annealing. Laser Cutting involves the uses of a laser to cut several pieces of metal, often steel sheets.

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The best place to buy Metal & Industrial Supplies Online - Discountsteel is the place to buy large or small quantity metals online. Discount Steel offers In-House Services like CNC Laser Cutting, CNC Machining, CNC Plasma Cutting, Fabricating and much more. Come check out Discount Steel!

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Laser cutting is one of Xometry's Sheet Metal profiling processes that directs a high-power laser through optics to cut materials for industrial applications. Laser cutting is both more precise and less energy-consuming than plasma cutting, but has an upper threshold on the thickness of the material being cut.

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Marlin Steel Engineers Solve Your Product Engineering Problems. Laser cutting has expanded Marlin Steel's sheet metal fabrication services. With the 2500 kW TRUMPF TruLaser 1030, we are able to accelerate production, cut costs, reduce scrap and master very tight measurement tolerances.

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LS5 is a sheet laser cutting machine created to fulfill a specific need: to provide a modular, fully automated, high-performance system which can be expanded to implement tube cutting functions

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Metals Depot? Laser Cutting offers near finished parts with an excellent edge quality from 24ga to 1/2 thick in steel, aluminum, and stainless. We can cut virtually any shape or size desired to extremely close detail, with very minimal heat markings or part distortion.

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Laser Cut Stainless Steel And Laser Cut Aluminum Precise Metal Laser Cutting Service , Find Complete Details about Laser Cut Stainless Steel And Laser Cut Aluminum Precise Metal Laser Cutting Service,Precise Metal Laser Cutting Service,Decorative Sheet Metal,Laser Cut Metal Art from Sheet Metal Fabrication Supplier or Manufacturer-Foshan Bo Jun Precision Sheet Metal Co., Ltd.

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Laser cut an electronics case on a P1 sheet of acrylic. Laser cut and engrave a few logos on a P1 sheet of premium wood. Laser cut and engrave 12 coasters on a P2 sheet of bamboo. Make as many things as you like on a metal sheet for a single flat fee. Get 55% off laser cutting and engraving anything.


This paper experimentally investigates the laser cutting of small-diameter holes by a continuous solid-state laser, connected by optical fibers to a computer numerical control machine. The effects of the laser power and the assisting gas pressure processing parameters were evaluated. The holes were cut into aluminum and carbon-steel sheets.

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Computer numerically controlled (CNC) laser cutting is a metal cutting production process carried out by laser cutting machines. These laser machines can cut a range of ferrous and non-ferrous materials using a laser beam to melt the metal and an assist gas to blast the molten metal from the under surface of the parent metal.